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NORTH TAMILNADU WELCOME TO SAMSKRITA BHARATI – NORTH TAMILNADU Our Samskrit work in North Tamilnadu is divided into 11regions. We are actively present in Chennai Dharmapuri Salem Thiruvallur Villupuram and Cuddalur. Krishnagiri Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram are the regions where our work is in the growing phase. We are yet to start our work in Namakkal. We conduct teachers’ training program (Prashikshanam) every year for our students and train them to teach the language through the language. Samskrit teachers of various schools in and around Chennai are trained through our regular workshops every year. Our 6-level module called Balabharati which aims to teach school children from Std. I to communicate through Samskrit language is adopted by more than 100 schools in their regular curriculum. Teaching aids have been prepared for the same for 6 levels. The unique feature of these books is that a teacher-student-friendly approach has been adopted involving many attractive pictures stories and cultural tidbits which not only educate but also entertain the children keeping their interest alive. The lessons have been taken from various sources touching all important works like the Vedas itihasas panchatantra stotras subhashita etc. Examination can be conducted at the end of the course as per the school’s conveniences and certificates will be issued by us to the students who pass the examinations. We offer adequate training to the teachers for conducting the lessons. People from all walks of life take part in our shibirams and enrol in the correspondence courses or Gita Shikshana kendram as per their taste and choice. An active 150 volunteers are working all over North Tamilnadu for the cause of Samskritam. Nearly 2000 people have studied through our correspondence program. There are more than 3 lakh children who are studying through our Balabharati module. SAMSKRITA BHARATI “Seva” 3rd floor Old no. 79 New No. 56 Dr. Alagappa road Purasawalkam Chennai – 84. Phone:9443722009/9442542007 www.samskritabharati.in REVIVE A LANGUAGE REJUVINATE A CULTURE REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD. Samskrit has an important role to play in the building of Bharatiya culture. Great scientists like Einstein and great nation builders like Swami Vivekananda Ambedkar and others endorsed this fact. All the treasures of our scientific philosophical knowledge are hidden in this ancient language called “Samskritam”. Hence the study of Samskrit is very essential for any true Bharatiya. Samskrita Bharati is a registered NGO headquartered in New Delhi and having centers in all states. Spearheaded by a team of spirited volunteers Samskrita Bharati conducts various programs aimed at enabling people from all sections of society to discover the joy of speaking Samskrit providing a glimpse into the scientific heritage and spiritual wisdom embodied in Samskrit literature and highlighting the need to preserve this precious container of our culture. Programs and performances:  Sambhashana Shibiram – 10 days spoken Samskrit Class.  Shikshana Kendram – Certificate course in Samskrit.  Balabharati – Samskrit for school children.  Pradarshini – “Science in Samskrit” Exhibitions.  Prashikshanam – Annual residential teachers’ training camp focusing on innovative teaching techniques.  Gita shibiram – Annual residential camp teaching the Bhagavad Gita – An holistic approach towards knowing Gita viz meaning and pronunciation all in chaste Samskrit.  Samskrita Sandhya – A valediction of week-long celebrations of Samskrita Saptahah (Samskrit Week) and Samskrita Dinam (Samskrit Day).  Pustaka Prakashanam – Bringing out various books and CDs – both audio and video.  Shilpashala – Conducting workshop for school teachers training them to teach in Samskrit medium and creating a Samskrita atmosphere. A FEW OF OUR MILESTONES  Conducted more than 10000 spoken Samskrit classes in Tamilnadu reaching out to 2.5 lakhs people enabling them to converse in Samskrit.  Enrolled and certified more than 20000 people through distance education.  Trained more than 5000 volunteers to conduct Spoken Samskrit classes.  Brought out hundreds of Study materials like books Audio and Video aids.  Designed and conceived a series of exhibitions bringing out the scientific truths hidden in our ancient texts in a visual display format of 150 posters.  Published – “Pride of India” a research book on the scientific heritage of India.  Introduced Balabharati from 2006 enrolling 40000 students from 100 schools in Tamilnadu.  Conducted Shibiramala in 2007 – Shibiram a day throughout the year (all 365 days) in Chennai city.  In Chennai hundreds of spoken Samskrit classes are held every February and August benefitting thousands of Chennaites. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THIS NOBLE CAUSE Samskrit is the language of Yoga Ayurveda Vedanta and many more life sciences that people all over the world take to with increasing interest and reverence. Over the decades our Samskrit prachar activities have increased manifold. Samskrita Bharati relies mainly on private donations. Only with the support of philanthropists We are able to sustain in our mission of making the divine bhasha as “Jana bhasha” (language of the ordinary man). We solicit you to help us through cash / kind or any other way in meeting the expenses of our various activities. शतेषु जायते शूरः सहस्रेषु च पण्डितः। वक्ता दशसहस्रेषु दाता भवति वा न वा ।। Amongst 100 persons you can find a brave one amongst 1000 an intelligent man. One amongst 10000 is an inspiring man but a Giver may or may not be found. - Subhashitam

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