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Recital of Ayodhyakandam of Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam - 19th November 2023
As a part of Ramayana Parayana Abhiyanam, recital of Ayodhyakandam was held today at Jayanagar. This was following the Balakandam recital that was held at Vijayanagar on 5th November. The program started at 7:30am today with a Pooja, graced with address by Shri Nandakumar Mahodaya of Samskrita Bharathi and Shri Vanita Ramaswami bhagini. The recital of 119 sargas went till late evening, led by Shri Uma Maheshwara Mahodaya and duly intercepted with breaks, where volunteers, including elders and children, expressed their devotion to Lord Rama through songs and dance performances. The event was graced by more than 200 participants and elaborate arrangements included both lunch and dinner for all the participants..

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  • 20-11-2023
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