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Vidwan Sri Janardana Hegde is a rare living example of Maharshi Patanjali’s description of “Shishtah”. The dictionary meaning of word Shishtah is eminent person distinguished person or wise man. But when a question is raised in the context of different words being used in different places or by different people for the same meaning and which word should be considered as appropriate the great Acharya of three Shastras i.e. Yoga Vyakarana and Ayurveda Patanjali in his Vyakarana Mahabhashya says that words used by Shishtas should be considered as right words. Further he explains who the Shishtas are – कुम्भीधान्याः अलोलुपाः कारणम् अन्तरा शास्त्रपारगाः शिष्टाः. Here he says three qualities of a Shishta. 1) Kumbhidhaanya – If you go inside his house you will find only one pot full of food grain’s stock which would be sufficient to live for a few days or for a few weeks. It means that he is not interested in unnecessary accumulation of wealth. 2) Alolupaah – Not greedy. Happy with whatever God gives. 3) Kaaranam antaraa shaastra-paaragaah – One who studies many Shaastraas without looking into what material benefit he will get by studying that Shaastra but studying it for the sake of knowledge only. One who possesses all the above three qualities is called a Shishta. https //

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  • 24-11-2019
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