Gita Shikshana Kendram (Samskrit through Bhagavadgita)

Learn Samskrit, learn the Gita, practice Yoga, live Vedanta…. ….all this through a single, novel learning package that is neither taxing nor boring!
four-level course called Gita Shikshana Kendram (गीता-शिक्षण-केन्द्रम्‌) offers you an entirely new technique, method and approach to learning the Gita; each level lasting about 4 months. 4 sessions, each of 4 months’ duration; 3 / 4 classes a week; evening or on weekends. This one course will give you access to four key domains—Samskrit, the Gita, Yoga and Vedanta.

  1. Gita Sopanam Part I गीतासोपानम् (प्रथमभागः)
  2. Gita Sopanam Part II गीतासोपानम् (द्वितीयभागः)
  3. Gita Pravesha Part I गीताप्रवेशः (प्रथमभागः)
  4. Gita Pravesha Part II गीताप्रवेशः (द्वितीयभागः)

On completion of these four levels, you will not only be able to read and understand the Bhagavad-gita text all by yourself, but also become a Samskrit speaker and writer.


To help you appreciate how to think in Samskrit natively, the course will be taught entirely in Samskrit , so you should have attended a spoken Samskrit class before.

Course Material

  1. गीतासोपानम् (प्रथमभागः)
  2. गीतासोपानम् (द्वितीयभागः)
  3. गीताप्रवेशः (प्रथमभागः)
  4. गीताप्रवेशः(द्वितीयभागः/प्रथमखण्डः)
  5. गीताप्रवेशः (द्वितीयभागः/द्वितीयखण्डः)

These prescribed textbooks for these courses are available in the Bookstore for online purchase.

Course duration (per level): 4 months
Fee (per level): Rs. 300/- (includes course material and exam)